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Friday, December 17, 2010

lunar Eclipse for Yule this year .

It has been a while since I last posted on this here blog. so I thought I would update you on the Eclipse
On December 21, 2010, we have the potent power of a Full Lunar Eclipse combined with Yule. The following are merely suggestions to spark your creativity . Remember that doing a ritual or spell “just because there is an eclipse” is like writing a grocery list “just because you have a pencil”…the idea is to perform the ritual or magic because of the goal
What I have in mind for this special time is as fallows .
Remember that a spell written by another is just words on paper and should never be used by another .for you know not my intent as I write my spells each witch should write her own that comes from with in that witch. Use others as a guide line but do not use that witch is not yours. We may walk the same direction even hold hands but you can not know my true intensions for you do not walk my path only I can walk my own path.
With that said lets continue on.
I’ll start with a Green Altar Cloth for the aspects of calm, regeneration, health, perseverance, nature, endurance, abundance
incense of sandalwood and frankincense
Candle colors black for the death of winter .white For , Maiden red for the Mother, and silver for the Crone Goddess. gold for the newly born sun. OR you can use any Candle you choice in any color just charge it with the right intent of use.
Have some paper handy to write on the items you want to banish from you .light and add to your cauldron at the point in your ritual.
the ashes from the cauldron should be buried as you bid farewell to old, destructive habits and obstacles.
Other items you could have on your Altar are spring water for blessings potting soil the list is end less for this Yule season, try to come up with what speaks to you.

I did not Write this Goddess Blessing it was sent to me by a friend .but I will incorporate it in to my Yule blessing of this year. As a invocation to the Goddess.
A invocation you can reuse speak the words with your own intent but as far as a spell goes I would not recommend using some one else’s I can not stress this point enough. I just came to a epiphany if I do not post my spells then they will not be reused so I will not share that part of my Ritual.

Upon this eve of longest night, the dark gives way unto the light
Upon this Yuletide Eve we’ll see, the Maiden, Mother, Crone…all Three;
in all Their glory They shall mix, the day of this Lunar Eclipse.
Triple Goddess shown unto me, triple strength and potency!
Within my rite I welcome You, the Mother birthing life anew…
The Wise Old Crone imparting truth, the fairest Maiden full of youth,
In welcoming the growing Sun, a New Year’s life has now begun!
Your energies combined with me, shall grant the magic I foresee:
A brand new year that’s free from strife, happiness in every life,
Bountiful blessings I send to those, who’ve lost all faith and struggled most;
The Earth recovered from our misuse, wildlife replenished from our abuse,
Within each heart and soul plus mine, the precious gifts of the Divine!
To all I conjure harmony, enlightenment, and inner peace…
God and Goddess so Divine, all negatives are left behind,
to wilt and wither and disappear, as we welcome the promise of this New Year!

The craft ill be working on in my ritual is

Bird Suet
by Chelsea Cant
(British Clolumbia/Lone Butte/Canada)
-1 cup of lard
-1 cup of peanut butter
-1 cup of cornmeal
-1 cup of rolled oats
-1 cup of wild birdseed

-Cream the lard and peanut butter together. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Apply to pine cone or to a wooden bird feeder.

So this is what ill be doing for the lunar Eclipse no its not a step by step guide to how a witch does ritual sorry to burst your bubble. Just a lil Yule tide blessing I would like to share. So merry meet and merry part till we read the next post. MERRY YULE LUNAR ECLISPE