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Friday, August 21, 2009

Billys pic

billy sent in pics from washington

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Billys Farewell BBQ

we all got togather at the axtell park for a BBQ to say our farewlls to Billy he leaves on sat morning . for summer camp then on to Egypt for 18 months.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping with a pair of OWLS

Vern and I tock Victoria Elli Jessy and Pearl camping over the weekend .
The kids had a good time Fishing and was mesmerized with a pair of barn owls that favored our camp.
And blessed us with their presents the whole weekend

This owl raided our camp and sit next to our camp fire for a few hours sat on the ground 4 feet from me for a few hours it never moved even when I got up and added a log to the fire.

I have never had such enjoyment as this owl gave me ,trusting me not to harm her she was so gorges and seemed very nosy to the going on of the camp.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The kids and I went to the park on Saturday after the rain they had a muddy good time
Jessy wiped out he fell off into a big mud hole .then got right back on . Pearl and Elli Jessy was mud from head to toe Victoria she had a little mud on her feet.yes all where SMILES.the pictures say it all .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

The joy of grand parenting

The joy of three grand babies is knowing they want to spend time with the old folks .
The grand daughter on the other hand is growing up and has friends of her own she doesn’t spend that much time at grandma and grandpa’s

I miss those days when she wanted her grandma.
When grandma and grandpa was top dog in her books.

They grow up so fast.
She was five when we got the donkey she named it Eeeore .

She loved that old mule the mule is genteel and kind but then he had to go live with Uncle Frank do to illness I could no longer take care of him. So they still get to go visit him out on the hill.
(YES we spoil our grandkids )

Now that she has turned 10 going on 26 she has other interest she has lots of friends she bike rides with and birthday parties invitations ,she still comes over for a occasional weekend. If she can fit it in.
She is down south visiting my side her cousins she is staying with my sister Becky /for two weeks .
I called her a few days ago to see what she was upto mainly to see if she was home sick ,she was not she was playing with Maddy and Katie and Creio haven girl time fun.can't wait to hear all about it when she gets home.
Grandma is missing her Vicky.

When she gets home after a week or two we will go out to the lake and do some camping she loves to camp and hike. And go fishing.

The point to this article is enjoy them while they are young when they have time for the grand parents before they grow up and start to have a life of their own imprint your legacy make a difference in their youth.
Do not let the impressionable years pass you by.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is Your Legacy?

An impactful contribution to your kids and grandkids that will benefit them their entire lives. Enrich your life as a result with the knowledge that your love, talent, and wisdom are benefiting future generations of your family. Life is incredibly short! Begin your journey with me today to help you answer the question What is Your Legacy?
For a great many people, a day WILL come down the road...when reflection on a lifetime of memories is wrapped with a hint of regret. Of opportunities lost. Years and hazy memories that run together. And, relationships that never quite peaked.
Take just a few moments in your mind...and see yourself many years from now. You are relaxing in your favorite place, but your mind is obviously elsewhere. Deep in thought. Zoom in and look closely into your own eyes. Even closer. Imagine you see 3 regrets.
What would they be?
Quickly now, magically transport yourself back in time from that day...escaping the regrets in your self-reflection. Back in time to this very moment.
Imagine the possibilities of a second chance! But this time with a powerful secret.
Are you prepared to use the secret?
The answers are all around you. Yet, most of us simply do not SEE them. The answers speak to you, though most of us do not HEAR them.
wake yourself to life's secrets. Recast your life the way it was intended, and gain the incredible opportunity of a second chance. Forever erase your fear of future regrets right now!
Now, re-imagine that future day. Your eyes are smiling this time upon a reflection full of rich and vivid memories. Cherished relationships and events that put an exclamation point on each and every one of your years. Reminiscing your prolific list of achievements. Imagine the family pride and love from your children and grandchildren.
Your life has left them a blueprint for success, deeply imprinted on their souls. You have passed on the secrets.
A Grand Father's Day is just around the corner.
You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
--Irish Saying
And it's terribly valuable to your children and grandchildren. Sure, the parents might not "get you" at times or they are too stubborn to change. But, your influence remains, sure and steady nonetheless. To your grandkids, pop-pop is king. The man who can fix anything. The man who has stories of real adventures galore. The man who is adored without question.
At the very moment in life when we not only have more time and resources, along with the perspective from dozens of life lessons...we get grandkids. And, that's not by mistake. Are you using your time and perspective to leave a legacy?
The Grandchild Adventure: Maybe instead of time alone, pop-pop is really longing for more time with the grandkids. What type of adventure would he be imagining? A camping trip. Perhaps taking the kids fishing, or to the beach. Perhaps that family vacation you never have time to plan (or agree on!). Travelling makes for great grandchild - grandparent memories, so take action when you can...don't let great opportunities like those pass right on by. If the grandkids are too young or the plans too extravagant for a practice run for when they get older. Setup that camping tent in the backyard. Make sure pop-pop has the camping essentials...firewood and smores ingredients are really all you need for backyard survival.
Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet.


Just reminiscing do you remember when you got to totally relax leave me a blog comment about your most relaxing time or favorite memory what ever you would like to share with the readers of this blog .
What if ? if only we could turn back the clock on all those what if’s
What is some of your what if’s ?

Vern and JoAnn's trip to Missouri

Vacation can be fun and relaxing Like the year we went to mo and tock Vern’s mom along. Mom visted with Maxsine and uncle Dean Jerry and Debbie came over we got to visit with them. Dean showed us this hand painted wall of clasic cars when we were driveing around Springfeild.

This is my fav picture off the trip.

Hunting, fishing, camping, none this weekend Vern is going to Missouri he is taking his mother down to see his brother. Frank who prefers to be called Damien his first name.
i will be staying home this year.

We went down a few years back and Vern tock us to the bass pro shop .
That is a very large place to walk through
The glass chandlers is gorgeous

The stuffed polar bear was cool

They have the live catfish tanks

They have the live catfish tanks and a aquarium they have feeding time tours you can watch a diver feed them it is so cool if you get a chance to go to Springfield Mo go to the bass pro shop

Yard sale find

Denise and Bill went to Topeka this weekend and she stopped by a yard sale she found this cute little bug the boys love it but pearl is scared of it.She runs off crying when Denise turns it on
It walks and opens its wings and fires out darts SOFT darts .
I am not sure what it is called but it is loads of fun a cute mechanical toy .the boys are having a blast with this mechanical toy .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to pull the engine with video

Well it is Monday, my day off for the week. I bought an old chevy pickup that a friend ran into aa bridge. Time to pull the motor and transmission. Well I am just about ready to pull when Denise and Louise ,bring the grand kids over. Well what better way to spend an afternoon pulling a motor, and chasing the wrenches you need from the little hands of children with curious minds. They want to help. I try to teach them the most important part of any job is to not get hurt. We get the motor out and into the back of the Dakota, we are on our way to the carwash. Not so fast the kids want to ride the scooter. So grandma gets the chopper out. The kids don’t like the helmet, but it is a must if they want to ride. Except pearl she wants to keep it. Everyone rides with happiness in their hearts at the joy of riding in the wind. It is so much fun. Here comes denise and louise , time for the kiddies to go home. Well the motor and Dakota both get a bath, and its back to the garage for storage until we find a toy to put it in. me and grandma have had a good day . So it is time to end the story for today. Goodnight from your ole friend the hillbilly

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pearl and me on the scoter

Denise and Louise stopped by today Monday, June 8, 2009
They left the two boys and Pearl with me and Vern while they went shopping
So I got out the scoter and was having a blast giving rides around town to the children. The boys love the bike they want one of their own LOL .
Pearl got to go for a ride she was all excited and was giggling by the way she loves the helmet ,
As you can see Vern snapped a picture.

Boys Go Camping

Well knowing that I know likes to work on Saturday. But if it lets me off Monday I am all for it. Of course the best thing about quitting time on Saturday, is knowing that grandma and the two grandsons are sitting on the curb, with all the fishing and camping stuff sitting on the curb with them. All I got to do is show up and load and go. We headed for the Sabetha lake. When we get their grandma says I will make camp, you boys go fish. Sounds good to me. Well every thing is goin good so far ,even got a bite . Well it is sad the first fish is a little bullhead. But it is big enough for Jessie ,he wants to put it in the basket. Boy let me tell you I felt pretty retarded that big ole basket with that little fish in it. But Jessie wasn’t letting me throw his fish in the water. The next is a channel cat to small, we throw him back in. that is alright with Jessie, his big fish is still in the basket. Grandma is finally ready to fish, so me and eli head for the special spot . That was a great idea eli instantly has a bite . And he does not see it, I save the pole and hook the fish. Eli is happy he brings it in. it is a 2 ponder , it goes in the basket with moby dick. Eli hears grandma and Jessie haven a ball. This is the end of the fishing for him, he heads for grandma and Jessie . I catch several more nice cats, and head back to camp. They have been playing in the tent and have a fire built for the marshmallows. The kids run around and play. Andy and his girl show up. We fish some more. The clouds and thunder start coming , Andy leaves. About 11;00 I tell jojo to roll up the camp, bad weather is coming. We are going home ,none is happy about this, but I don’t want us out their in bad weather. We get loaded and are headed back to the house, and the radio is telling us about the storm. Yep it is supposed to be hail high winds and lots of rain. We park inside the carport , the kids go to bed, and gramps is left cleaning the fish. We had a great time, can’t wait till the next time. Ya; all have a great day, until the next time. Your friend the ole hillbilly

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting ready for Camping Trip to the Lake June 6th

The boys are so excited they are waiting on Grandpa to come home from work so we can go Camping .

We have every thing ready and waiting .
Grandpa called and said he had one more Semi to finish up with and he would be home well the time went by to slow for these two every 5 minutes is grandpa coming ? Where’s grandpa ? Why ant he hear yet ?
How many hours does it take him to drive home ?
Grandma he isn’t coming yet how many more minutes ?

15 minutes in to our wait Grandpa calls the train has him stopped and he has to get Gas LOL
The inpatients boys are getting antsy.
(they see grandpas truck coming down the street)
The excitment is building now ,they are all smiles and jumping around yelling we going camping now .so we pack the truck and head for Sabetha lake. will make another post of the campong trip when we return .

Friday, June 5, 2009

Down Town Seneca Kansas

Down Town of Seneca Kansas Life in a small kansas town.

Seneca is a great place to live it is small little village .we have several churches ,two grocery stores a v&s verity store and two new department stores Pamida and the Dollar store ,a new 18 hole gulf course and a new this year swimming pool .also for entertainment we have a bowling ally ,a movie theater ,we are building on to the hospital .and have built a assisted living home. We have 4 service stations Lucky’s is the best for lottery tickets it also has McDonalds
CX it has a subway and Tankit has a lunch counter
And the log cabin has a full service station with a breakfast and lunch cafe We have begun to grow. We have a new restraints it is called The Willows and of course my favorite is Valentines
and Lories We are still building the new Grade school and JR High after the tragic fire two years ago.
The catholic church has also built a new catholic school..
Just this spring we have installed the Wall veterans memorial

Video is of down town main street.

Organized in 1873. County seat, Seneca.
The territory now known as Nemaha County was originally, or at the time of the earliest white settlement, in the possession of various tribes of Indians, notably the Pottawatomies and the Foxes. Prior to this settlement, however, and to any knowledge we have of its native occupants, is the record of the history of its discovery, the soil of Nemaha County being pressed by the foot of civilized white men before a vestige of settlement other than that of the aborigines had touched any of the thirteen original colonies. In the Smithsonian Institute are the records of an expedition, under the command of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, a Spaniard, which marched from Mexico to the northern boundary of Kansas, passing through the territory now known as Barbour, Kingman, Reno, Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, Marion, Dickinson, Davis, Riley, Pottawatomie and Nemaha Counties, reaching the fortieth degree of latitude, the northern boundary of Nemaha County of the State, in the month of August, 1541. Coronado says that the country north of the Kaw was called by the Indians, Quivira. He says: "The earth is the best possible for all kinds of productions of Spain; for while it is very strong and black, it is very well watered by brooks, spring and rivers. I found prunes (wild plums)like those of Spain, some of which were black; also some excellent grapes and mulberries." Before reaching this point, he had traversed "mighty plains and sandy heaths, smooth and wearisome, and bare of wood." He says: "All that way the plains are as full of crooked-back oxen (buffalo) as the mountain Serena, in Spain, is of sheep." The expedition appears to have originally consisted of three hundred and fifty Spaniards and eight hundred Indians, but, provisions failing the party in the neighborhood of the present site of Wichita, the main body turned back; the indomitable Coronado, with thirty-six picked men, passing on in hope of finding the cities of gold, which tradition and their guides, told them, lay "just beyond." This then, as nearly as can be ascertained, was the strength of the party which reached Nemaha County.
William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas

My trip to oneida

I went for a ride over to Oneida I had a blast it was fun riding and seeing the country
I got to see the wonderful roses Marty has they are in bloom dad showed me his garden and we had coffee I need to go more often.

OK not a good video i was rideing the scoter .

Moms Apples

Ladies looks like we will need peelers again this year. My Mother and I planted this little apple tree 13 years ago it is a dwarf granny green
It produced about 2 bushel of Apples last year we sat around the table for hours peeling them and freezing apples . It looks as if we will have just as many if not more this year.
I make cinnamon candied apples for our reunions it seems to be a hit. Every one likes it and I have none to bring home afterwards . Talking about the apples makes me want to bake a apple pie yumm yum

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grand boys and pearl meet the scoter

Went to the court house and insurance office tagged and ins the bike went down to the trailer court and gave the kids a ride snip’s boys had a blast Travis put my tag on for me then I got Vicky on my scoter after that I was headed up to the store and stopped by Shirley’s and gave her and Gavin a ride then I went to subway and got a 12 inch sub for supper.
had a very busy day.

Aunt Cindy and Danielle tock pearl and the boys swimming at the new pool here in Seneca she said they had a great time. But all they talked about was coming to grandma Jody’s to see her new scoter. So after swimming she brought them to my house and I tock each one for a ride then surprised Danielle when I told her it was her turn .we went about 8 blocks she feel in lo9ve she wants one to.
Before ya know it we will all have scoter’s .Grandpa came home and the kids were still here so he tock them all for a ride. Eli wanted to go to California lol

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vern had his mom on the scoter

It is not so boreing in this small town in kansas any more,we are off to have a good ride. hold on tight mom

Haveing a great time with my scoter

My niece came down from Nebraska for BINGO and I rode her all-round town she love my scoter
She wants one

I went down to Travis and Vicky’s and gave my nephews a ride they loved it the smiles on those faces was sweet they laughed and giggled and held on tight.

Vern surprised me with a new scooter

I am so excited Vern came home last night with a present it so much fun to ride I love it.
It is a Oliver city 49 cc scooter
Vern tock me out on it to the old bridge and gave me riding instructions it is only 49 cc so no license is needed. It will be tagged and insured with state farm insurance.
The grand kids have not seen it yet ,I drove up to Roxies on it today and went to the store it has a big trunk under the seat I will have to get a basket for it it will ride two people.
It will go 55 miles per hour and you can go 100 miles on one gallon of gas .

This could get so addictive

I never thought I would ever own one of these but I was missing out since I started riding mine last night I am hocked.

I see why china streets are filled with these scoters they are cool and cheap to use. They aren’t that expensive a new one is around 3 grand but 100 mpg you cant go wrong not with gas prices today.

I will have to change my mind and let Vern get his Harley now.
I love that man he is always doing something thoughtful

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vern and Elisha went fishing

Well it is Sunday evening about 5;30 , the heifers are heading this way to go to bingo. Denise is headed this way with the two grandbabies Eli and Jessie . I have had a good weekend it is time to relax. I got some work done, now is the time to go fishing. Grandma will watch Jessie, and me and Eli will go fishing on the river. We had a good time out their. We caught 4 nice keepers and several small ones, we threw back in. I am trying to teach the boys about nature . The enjoyment of hunting and fishing . Also rule number one, leave no trash behind and you don’t throw it in the rivers and lakes. Of course Eli is 7 years old, at that age they lose interest in the fishing part fairly quickly. So he found something really exciting for him to do. Slide down the big cliff again and again. Except when their was another fish on the line, he was all about business reeling it in and put it in the basket. It was great for me and him he also got to watch two deer play in the field. We also seen a bunny rabbit. Well we been out long enough time to go home. When we got back they did not want grandpa to kill the fish. So into the pool they went. I luckily got them cleaned before it got dark. Even jethrow the rot puppy had to check out the fish. We like to hunt and fish , but it is also just a great thing in life to catch and release fish of all sizes ,and watch the animals play in their natural habitat, even though , the farmers keep tearing down every tree and bush for them to live in. the gov. should pass a law* that rivers, streams and roadsides should be left alone for wildlife. Well it is time for this to end, I hope the ladies had fun at bingo , I know me and eli had fun. Oh and this I would rather go fishing etc. have a mad dog chew on my arm than go to bingo. Love ya all, from your old friend , the hillbilly.

Eli was so excited watch the video.

During Vern and Eli day of fishing and the ladies night at Bingo Grandma me and Jessy spent the day/evening having a great time setting up the little pool ,Jessy had to get into it even though the water was cold ,jet row had to join him they had a blast jumping in and out of the water with his clothes on he did not even give me a chance to put on his trunks before jumping in. LOL

After a hour and a half of water fun Jessy finely got cold and wanted to get warm clothes on all I had at the house for him was his swimming trunks ,so we got dried off and Great Grandma warmed him up with hugs and gram Jody got him a glass of milk great gram and Jessy love swinging in the swing they sat their till Vern and Eli came home.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving the ford to the farm

Sunday morning May 31, 2009 began slow then things picked up Louise and Denise stopped by they had went out to pamida to buy the grandkids water guns then.

Jr Tryon came over to help Vern load the ford pickup on to the car trailer. To take out to the farm so they could work on it .
Jr had his Harley Davidson motorcycle that is such a pretty bike .

Vern wanted a picture of himself sitting on Jr Harley Davidson motorcycle Vern has a found love for the Harley Davidson I may have to break down and let him have one Again. he used to ride all the time when we were younger ,we have had several bikes in the past but I feel they are dangers in owning a motorcycle all the crashes you hear about but vern seams to think they are safe so yes I will probable wind up getting him one again

Mom Carolyn Teala will be down for B.I.N.G.O at the nights of Columbus .I cooked in the slow cooker a corn beef briquette and will add potatoes and cabbage moms recipe oh is it good.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Upcoming weekend first one in june

Went out to pamida to buy a fishing licenses so the grandkids and I and Grandpa can go camping this coming weekend.
Billy and Denise will be in Topeka for a guard drill this drill is getting Bill prepared to go to Egypt.
He will be leaving in June for summer camp and his orders will be extended to 18 months active duty.
I think the boys and us old folks (ha ha) will be camping out at the old Sabetha lake for the weekend.
Do some fishing and a fire roast some hotdogs and have a good time I do hope it is not raining.
Last week we went out fishing the two older two vicyoria and elisha cought a bass jrssy felt left out he did not catch any.

So i am hopeful we will all catch some fish this up coming weekend and have a great time camping.