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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cummings Wright and McGinnis family Reunion

The MaC girls is putting to gather the reunion of the Cummings Wright and McGinnis family
It will be held on July 18th at the Navarre Kansas old school house
It will be a pot luck style so every one attending bring a meat dish and a salad and a desert
This will be the first reunion in about 15 years I am so looking forward to seeing all the cousins and hearing about their lives ,what they have been up to and how many youngans they all have . last reunion 1994
A Scribes family history

**********A Grandmothers Tale -************

a grand mothers tale is a complied family history of 2165 names. some with stories others just facts.A history of a nation seen through the eyes of people from different walks of life from England Scotland Ireland and America for some they gave there life for the service of god spreading the name of the bible to all who would listen raising there children along the way for others they lived there lives.In a Diffrent style of life the way of the gun forced to fight for a way of life they believed in to settle a harsh land for the chance of freedom.A scribe called this generation. a history lost now found endless days on a trail of a name that name has a story the story has a beginning in what state and what country? Did that story start? In what era did they live? The birth of a name, life of a family story. death of a person recalled in the nocks and crannies of a nations beginnings its up to you to add flesh to there story to form and shape that name in to the person that owned that name gather the facts wither true or fiction weed out the indifference make them live again.The fallowing is web pages were our family history is housed. Stop by and take a peek you never know just who you may find in here.To day my dreams have came very first published works can be foumd in The Best Poams And Poets of 2003.Titled Finding PeaceIn loveing memory of my beloved Mother Sally D Wright McGinnisWritten by Della JoAnn Johnson.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time too. I found you on trafficnow fire and I am an addict of that site lol. I also blog and you can see my mad blg posts too. God bless.


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