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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Veterans wall memorial Seneca Kansas

Seneca has just added a new veterans wall memorial I went out to see it today it is gorgeous
They have done a very fine job .it is not completed as of yet .
But what they have built is great I went out to look for my fathers and my sons name black but they had not gotten them added to it.
They did have Vernon’s Uncle Franks McGehee plaque added
I was happy to have seen that one added

What the wall stands for is the men and women who has so bravely stood up for our country some gave their lives .Memorial Day ceremony sought to remember those who have died and honor and remember those now serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
"We've tried to (focus on) that ever since we've been in this new Iraq war situation,"
United States lost more than 618,000 soldiers in the Civil War and a half-million soldiers in the world wars. The country quickly is approaching 5,000 lost in Afghanistan and Iraq,
"No, freedom is not free,"
Memorial Day means honoring all the veterans and especially the people who lost their lives for the great country.

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