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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We pay you 12% of your membership level to surf 12 sites for 12 days giving you a 144% return

I am so excited about this surf site it is a automatic pay out surf as soon as you surf 12 sites they pay you daily .You cant beat that ,plus they give you $10.00 to start your account .how easy is that to earn cash daily ?check it out here is a live banner watch my daily pay outs oh ya

Join me you to can earn cash daily.

thats a great way to earn cash i give this site a 10 plus rateing join it and you will to

As you can see i just joined this surf site and here is my alert pay
5/27/2009 5/27/2009 CAA45-8E99A-A477D Transfer Received From GETDAILYPAID Completed $3.60 USD + 5/27/2009
5/27/2009 B7947-01C0B-5CF18 Transfer Received From GETDAILYPAID Completed $1.44 USD + 5/26/2009
5/26/2009 AF882-45F9B-7DFF8 Transfer Received From GETDAILYPAID Completed $1.44 USD

Due to script and Alert pay this site has went to libertyreserve sign up for a free account


  1. Does this really work? I like sites that pay as I am a wahm too. I am following you now. I have a blog contest going too, so would love you to join me It';s my first rofl.

  2. Yes this works it pays just join by a upgrade and sufr 12 pages and you are paid auto Ladyclicker


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