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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Powerful autoblogging plugin for Wordpress weblogs

Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger.

Lean back and let WP Robot blog for you!

WP Robot Features

WP Robot is a complex autoblogging solution that offers a wide range of features and nearly unlimited possibilities. While complex the plugin is still easy to use because of its logical structure and instant help boxes in the admin menu. Below you will find an overview over the most important features. Please note this is only what the WP Robot Core has to offer. Each module will add its own set of unique features and settings! The WP Robot Full Version includes all modules and features!

Key Feature: Randomization

No matter how you want to use WP Robot one thing always remains true: Automatic content can only be successful if it does not look like automatic content! Because of that WP Robot sets a high value on making the content it produces look natural to visitors and search engines alike by randomizing it. There are a whole bunch of different methods WP Robot uses for randomization.

All Features

  • Create targeted autoposts related to any weblog's topic. You can create posts for basically any topic you can think of. I have yet to discover a niche there is no content for on the websites WP Robot pulls content from.
  • Create posts for many keywords at the same time.You can have WP Robot autoblog for an unlimited amount of keywords. Ideal to enter a huge amount of long tail keywords which will produce the best results in search engines for your automatic weblogs.
  • Organize your keywords in campaigns. WP Robot organizes the keywords it is supposed to autopost in campaigns. Campaigns can contain any number of keywords and are ideal to order your content and stay organized. For each post a random keyword from the campaign will be selected - giving your blog a random and natural look! (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Use dozens of different templates for your posts. Besides unlimited keywords campaigns can also contain any number of post templates - a different template will be used for each post randomly! The result: many different types of posts will lead people to never suspect an autoblog behind your sites. (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Many ways of randomization. For example you can use the random template tags to show variable texts and code in all your templates. (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Detailed "Log" function and error reporting. WP Robot will save all error messages or notifications it encounters when autoposting, so you can review them later and fix any problems quickly. (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Use Wordpress internal Cron Jobs or set up your own! You can use the internal Wordpress cron jobs for easily autoposting content without any setup required. Advanced users can set up their own custom cron jobs for more control and accuracy. (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Powerful Replace and Exclude Keywords Features. Use "Replace Keywords" to replace certain phrases in the automatic content with other keywords you target on your blog and easily prevent certain keywords from ever appearing on your blog with the "Exclude Keywords" function! (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • No copyright issues because all content WP Robot provides comes from official API programs and is allowed to be republished by its creators!
  • Instant Help! You will find an instant help tooltip next to every important option and setting in WP Robot, right within the admin panel. So you always know excactly what to do without the need to skim through any huge docs! (Still, we have a documentation too of course!)
  • Insert WP Robot content into "normal" non-auto posts Besides autoblogging you can also use WP Robot to insert content into the normal non-automatic posts you write on your weblogs. Like that you can for example very easily insert targeted Flickr images, Amazon affiliate products or eBay auctions into your blog posts! (New in WP Robot 3!)
  • Add created posts to any category of your Wordpress weblog. You can choose a different category for each keyword you create and even have WP Robot automatically create a category for each keyword you use! Since the release of version 3.2 it is also possible to have WP Robot automatically create structured parent and child-categories and WP Robot v3.4 added the possibility of adding autopost to any number of different categories of your choice at the same time!
  • Custom time intervals between posts. You define the pace in which new content is added to your site by specifying a custom time interval for every keyword. You could for example add new posts for the keyword "ipods" every 2 hours or every 3 days (etc).
  • Extend WP Robot's functionality with new modules. Currently there are 20 different modules available and more will be released soon!
  • Automatic Rewriting. WP Robot supports three powerful rewriting APIs, among them the famous and software, which can be used to rewrite all content produced by WP Robot automatically and make it unique to your site!
  • Support for Featured Images. WP Robot can automatically set up a featured image, sometimes also called Wordpress post thumbnail, to each of your autoposts. Those featured images are used by many premium themes to display thumbnails on their homepages for example.
  • Creates tags for every post. Tags are one of the many powerful features of Wordpress. That's why WP Robot will add several related tags for each post it creates.
  • Image Caching WP Robot can save all images found in the content it creates to your server, in order to prevent them from getting lost and appear in Google Images as well!
  • Link Cloaking Automatically cloak all your affiliate links posted by WP Robot modules.
  • Humanized Post Times Make your autoblogs look more natural by using the randomzed post time feature of WP Robot.
  • Backdating Create a large number of posts in the past in order to make newly created autoblogs appear like they were around for a long time already.
  • Bulk Add Keywords. Use the new bulk add keywords feature to set up a new autoblog even quicker than before. You can even automatically create categories on new blogs!
  • Custom Post Types. Specify custom post types for each of your campaigns to take advantage of this new feature in Wordpress already supported by many WP themes.
  • Many customizable options. You can for example choose if new posts are immediatelly published or added as drafts and much more...
  • Post as any user. You can set WP Robot to create its autoposts as any user registered on your blog.
  • Free Support via the WP Robot support forum.

WP Robot Modules

WP Robot is split up in several modules. This allows for more flexibility and lets you choose and order only those features you really want and need. If you change your mind you can simply add new modules to your WP Robot later on without any problems.

Please note that all modules use content sources that specifically allow for their content to be republished on your websites and most of it comes through official API programs set up by the content-owners, so there will be absolutely no copyright issues when using WP Robot!

New: Since WP Robot 3 all modules can not only be used for autoblogging but can also insert content into normal blog posts you write yourself. This will help you easily insert targeted Flickr images, Amazon affiliate products, eBay auctions and more into your blog exactly where you want them to be.

New: MIX the content of all modules together in your posts however you please. In WP Robot 3 there are no restrictions on which modules you can include in a single blog post, so you can for example add several Amazon products to a post or create a mixture off all modules. Full flexibility!
All Available Modules:

Amazon Module
Article Module
eBay Module
Clickbank Module
Yahoo Answers Module
Youtube Module
Translation Module
Flickr Image Module
Yahoo News Module
RSS Module
Commission Junction Module
Oodle Module
Shopzilla Module
Press Release Module
Twitter Module
Linkshare Module
Eventful Module
iTunes Module
Yelp Module
ShareASale Module
Avantlink Module
PLR Module

1. Amazon Module

The WP Robot Amazon module is an Amazon Wordpress plugin that can create blog posts for any product sold on Amazon. It can also add all reviews found on the product page to the post as comments! To see the results have a look at the demo weblog.

Automatically create Amazon product posts for any keyword you desire.
Earn money for any sale you refer through your posts through Amazon's affiliate program.
Add popular customer reviews from Amazon to your posts as comments or display them inside the posts directly!
Display many different information in your product posts, including the product description, images, feature lists, number of reviews, product rating (star images), price and more! See all available template tags
Posibility to output the full Amazon description including all tables and images.
Auto-updating price tags, so the latest price is displayed in your posts all the time!
Support for all international sites of the Amazon Affiliate program including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan! See overview >>
Use Amazon BrowseNodes to target specific categories of Amazon products and create targeted niche affiliate stores on your Wordpress autoblogs.
Many customizable options and editable post and review templates.

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