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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret government preparations 2012

The government moved area 51
Their has been no movement in the past year ,at area 51,sourcess say they have witnessed and fallowed convoys from area 51 to Cheyenne Mountain ,

Cheyenne Mountain is located close to Colorado Springs, in the El Paso county. It hosts an Air Force station and represents one of the toughest military constructions in the United States of America. Its mission has never changed ...
The top secret plans the government had been working on at area 51 has been moved to the lime stone mountains of Colorado,Cheyenne Mountain .
If this isn’t enough of a 2012 warning them what is ?.why would the government move area 51 to Cheyenne Mountain ,?if it was not to protect their military secrets in the deep depths of the mountain the highest of the possessions of new blue prints and top secret plans and development of aircraft from alien technology . Does the government think we are that naive ?
They are denying any of the truths of 2012 yet secretly moving bases and treasures into ;limestone mountain bases


this is reality .the government has begun perpetration's for 2012

and keeps a black out on the media so their will be no panic every one will go on with their jobs their lives and keep paying their bills till it is to late/ Get informed People do wait till it is to late for you and your families .be just a little prepared do some looking into this. i have these two item listed it is what opened my eyes.

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