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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

survival apocalypse 2013

Is it all doom and gloom or just plain hype ? Well my hopes is if it does come true we will have a total reconstruction of government lets face it, this one we have now just ant working for no one .if you have loved ones, think of their well being if something were to happen. Think of it as an insurance policy.
And if it does happen, and you have this book, your already ahead of the game, and the rest of the uninformed world who will not have a clue as to what is unfolding, or what to do about it.
If you think the government will step in and help, look at how they have responded to other disasters, now imagine it world wide.Warning – The Apocalypse 2012 Is Coming Soon
. A timetraveler knocks on my door and tells me what has happened from where he came. This is what he told me. .The date is November 5th 2012.Mass riots have broken out across the United States and surrounding countries. In the course of 12 hours estimated deaths are at over 42,000.The supply of food to grocery stores across the country has been sporadic at best due to….
The rest of the story is in the new Apocalypse 2012 Preparation Guide

Apocalypse 2012 Survival Books

What Does the Bible Have to Say?

The Bible speaks of an end time when Christ will return to earth. but first there is the terrible period of the 7 year tribulation and apocalypse that all non grace believers will have to live – or die in.

In “The End of Days – Apocalypse 2012,”:

The Torah and the Bible Code
The Book of Revelation
Some biblical interpretations That May Relate

This chapter is written is a non denominational manner.

What Does Nostradamus Say?

Nostradamus had a lot of predictions about the end of the world.

Nostradamus’ Life
His Centuries’ method
2012 and The Centuries
His Accuracy or Lack of

Believe he had forsight or not, his criptic predictions have been the focus of controvery for centuries. An interresting read for sure.

Prophesies of the Hopi Indians

The Hopi had things to say about the world ending:

the Hopi – who were they?
Interpretations of their prophecy
What about 2012?
Hopi Recomendations on 2012 Survival?
What Next

The Mayans

The Mayans prophesy is the one that gets the most attention for the year 2012

Who were they?
The Famous Mayan calendar
What is in the calendar
Why 2012
Who take it seriously

The Modern Age Mystics

Some people of closer to our times had some wild predictions too.

John Major Jenkins
Madame Blavatsky
Edgar Cayce
Aleister Crowley

Zecharia Sitchin

End of Days or False Alarm…

Apocalypse 2012 Survival Books

Apocalypse 2012 Survival Books

Apocalypse 2012 Survival Books

“The Crisis of 2012 is Going to Be One of Shortages, Emergencies and Basic Economic Survival”

Much has been written about how in 2012, the world is going to end, natural disasters are going to destroy society, the antichrist is going to appear or even that a meteor is going to strike the middle of Kansas! .

Let me assure you this is not what this apocalypse 2012 is going to be about at all. . It’s realistically going to be about economic collapse and resulting riots, supply chain disruptions, tumultuous weather events and people helpless to deal with it.

If you and your family are to survive beyond apocalypse 2012, you will need to learn survival skills. You can’t rely on the government. The money is gone. Greece, Iceland, soon California then the whole US economy and Europe. Time is running out. .

What will you do when the electricity is off? . Spoiled food . Freezing winters – no heater . No power for your computer . No Internet .

What will you do when the store shelves are empty? . Ever been really hungry for more than a day . How much will a loaf of bread cost if the store can get any? .

What will you drink when municipal water supplies are interrupted? . If your tap water is off or contaminated – what then? . What if you can’t buy water to drink at any price?

How will you work when gas shortages are common? . $15 per gallon gas . Natural gas supplies cut off from your home .

Are you prepared for any of these situations?.

“Extreme Survival – 2012 Apocalypse and Beyond”

This is the book you need to have access to at all times. . . A copy in your home, a copy in your car, a copy in your emergency pack, a copy at your job and a copy at all of your friends or relatives homes. .

Wherever you may be when disaster strikes, you should have a copy of this book already stashed – Because you will need it. .

Since this is a digital book you can print it as many times as you need to. . . . . . . .

Here is what is taught in:
Extreme Survival – 2012 Apocalypse and Beyond

Part I . Survival Training 2012 Plan for Survival Think Survival.
Chapter 1 . Why You Should Take Survival Skills Seriously
Chapter 2 . Creating A Survival Kit
Chapter 3 . The Survivor Mentality: Lessons From the Frontline
Chapter 4 . Let Nature Be Your Guide .

Part II . Survival Anywhere, Any Situation
Chapter 5 . Castaway: Stranded At Sea
Chapter 6 . The Transition From Sea to Land Survival
Chapter 7 . Surviving the Desert
Chapter 8 . Survival At The Poles: Extreme Cold
Chapter 9 . Survival In the Tropics
Chapter 10 . Mountains: The Vast Frontier .

Part III . Urban Survival: Accidents, Disasters, Terrorist Attacks
Chapter 11 . Surviving An Accident
Chapter 12 . You Versus A Natural Disaster
Chapter 13 . Surviving A Terrorist Attack .

Carry this survival book with you and no matter what situation you are in, you will have the information you need to survive. .
Apocalypse 2012 Survival Books

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”-Louis Pasteur

What is Planet X? It could be a comet, rogue planet, or as this book maintains, a dying brown dwarf companion to Sol. In the years to come, its elliptical orbit will bring it into the core of our system, where it will enrage our Sun. Once that happens, Earth’s greatest pains will come; the moment fate puts us in the cross hairs of a perfect solar storm.

The purpose of this book is to help those who now agree that time is of the essence. It does this by offering a practical 2012 tool kit of how-to survival knowledge, for those who’ll be left to fend for themselves.survival apocalypse 2013

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