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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grand boys and pearl meet the scoter

Went to the court house and insurance office tagged and ins the bike went down to the trailer court and gave the kids a ride snip’s boys had a blast Travis put my tag on for me then I got Vicky on my scoter after that I was headed up to the store and stopped by Shirley’s and gave her and Gavin a ride then I went to subway and got a 12 inch sub for supper.
had a very busy day.

Aunt Cindy and Danielle tock pearl and the boys swimming at the new pool here in Seneca she said they had a great time. But all they talked about was coming to grandma Jody’s to see her new scoter. So after swimming she brought them to my house and I tock each one for a ride then surprised Danielle when I told her it was her turn .we went about 8 blocks she feel in lo9ve she wants one to.
Before ya know it we will all have scoter’s .Grandpa came home and the kids were still here so he tock them all for a ride. Eli wanted to go to California lol


  1. that is so cute and u guys are the ones gonna buy them one not us lol ha ha ha


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