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Monday, June 1, 2009

Vern and Elisha went fishing

Well it is Sunday evening about 5;30 , the heifers are heading this way to go to bingo. Denise is headed this way with the two grandbabies Eli and Jessie . I have had a good weekend it is time to relax. I got some work done, now is the time to go fishing. Grandma will watch Jessie, and me and Eli will go fishing on the river. We had a good time out their. We caught 4 nice keepers and several small ones, we threw back in. I am trying to teach the boys about nature . The enjoyment of hunting and fishing . Also rule number one, leave no trash behind and you don’t throw it in the rivers and lakes. Of course Eli is 7 years old, at that age they lose interest in the fishing part fairly quickly. So he found something really exciting for him to do. Slide down the big cliff again and again. Except when their was another fish on the line, he was all about business reeling it in and put it in the basket. It was great for me and him he also got to watch two deer play in the field. We also seen a bunny rabbit. Well we been out long enough time to go home. When we got back they did not want grandpa to kill the fish. So into the pool they went. I luckily got them cleaned before it got dark. Even jethrow the rot puppy had to check out the fish. We like to hunt and fish , but it is also just a great thing in life to catch and release fish of all sizes ,and watch the animals play in their natural habitat, even though , the farmers keep tearing down every tree and bush for them to live in. the gov. should pass a law* that rivers, streams and roadsides should be left alone for wildlife. Well it is time for this to end, I hope the ladies had fun at bingo , I know me and eli had fun. Oh and this I would rather go fishing etc. have a mad dog chew on my arm than go to bingo. Love ya all, from your old friend , the hillbilly.

Eli was so excited watch the video.

During Vern and Eli day of fishing and the ladies night at Bingo Grandma me and Jessy spent the day/evening having a great time setting up the little pool ,Jessy had to get into it even though the water was cold ,jet row had to join him they had a blast jumping in and out of the water with his clothes on he did not even give me a chance to put on his trunks before jumping in. LOL

After a hour and a half of water fun Jessy finely got cold and wanted to get warm clothes on all I had at the house for him was his swimming trunks ,so we got dried off and Great Grandma warmed him up with hugs and gram Jody got him a glass of milk great gram and Jessy love swinging in the swing they sat their till Vern and Eli came home.


  1. i'm glad u had so much fun and i dont know why u didnt but thanks for not calling me a heifer lol ha ha ha

  2. I loved the video of Eli. I can picture Eli having a blast watching the animals and sliding down the cliff. I am glad you are teaching them about the appreciation of nature. It is a good thing for kids to learn. Who knows how many animals will be extinct by the time the boys are adults.

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