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Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys Go Camping

Well knowing that I know likes to work on Saturday. But if it lets me off Monday I am all for it. Of course the best thing about quitting time on Saturday, is knowing that grandma and the two grandsons are sitting on the curb, with all the fishing and camping stuff sitting on the curb with them. All I got to do is show up and load and go. We headed for the Sabetha lake. When we get their grandma says I will make camp, you boys go fish. Sounds good to me. Well every thing is goin good so far ,even got a bite . Well it is sad the first fish is a little bullhead. But it is big enough for Jessie ,he wants to put it in the basket. Boy let me tell you I felt pretty retarded that big ole basket with that little fish in it. But Jessie wasn’t letting me throw his fish in the water. The next is a channel cat to small, we throw him back in. that is alright with Jessie, his big fish is still in the basket. Grandma is finally ready to fish, so me and eli head for the special spot . That was a great idea eli instantly has a bite . And he does not see it, I save the pole and hook the fish. Eli is happy he brings it in. it is a 2 ponder , it goes in the basket with moby dick. Eli hears grandma and Jessie haven a ball. This is the end of the fishing for him, he heads for grandma and Jessie . I catch several more nice cats, and head back to camp. They have been playing in the tent and have a fire built for the marshmallows. The kids run around and play. Andy and his girl show up. We fish some more. The clouds and thunder start coming , Andy leaves. About 11;00 I tell jojo to roll up the camp, bad weather is coming. We are going home ,none is happy about this, but I don’t want us out their in bad weather. We get loaded and are headed back to the house, and the radio is telling us about the storm. Yep it is supposed to be hail high winds and lots of rain. We park inside the carport , the kids go to bed, and gramps is left cleaning the fish. We had a great time, can’t wait till the next time. Ya; all have a great day, until the next time. Your friend the ole hillbilly

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  1. It looks like they had a blast. It is too bad the storm came and ruined your trip, but I do not think it would have been fun to be stuck in a tent with hail.


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