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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting ready for Camping Trip to the Lake June 6th

The boys are so excited they are waiting on Grandpa to come home from work so we can go Camping .

We have every thing ready and waiting .
Grandpa called and said he had one more Semi to finish up with and he would be home well the time went by to slow for these two every 5 minutes is grandpa coming ? Where’s grandpa ? Why ant he hear yet ?
How many hours does it take him to drive home ?
Grandma he isn’t coming yet how many more minutes ?

15 minutes in to our wait Grandpa calls the train has him stopped and he has to get Gas LOL
The inpatients boys are getting antsy.
(they see grandpas truck coming down the street)
The excitment is building now ,they are all smiles and jumping around yelling we going camping now .so we pack the truck and head for Sabetha lake. will make another post of the campong trip when we return .

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