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Friday, June 12, 2009

The joy of grand parenting

The joy of three grand babies is knowing they want to spend time with the old folks .
The grand daughter on the other hand is growing up and has friends of her own she doesn’t spend that much time at grandma and grandpa’s

I miss those days when she wanted her grandma.
When grandma and grandpa was top dog in her books.

They grow up so fast.
She was five when we got the donkey she named it Eeeore .

She loved that old mule the mule is genteel and kind but then he had to go live with Uncle Frank do to illness I could no longer take care of him. So they still get to go visit him out on the hill.
(YES we spoil our grandkids )

Now that she has turned 10 going on 26 she has other interest she has lots of friends she bike rides with and birthday parties invitations ,she still comes over for a occasional weekend. If she can fit it in.
She is down south visiting my side her cousins she is staying with my sister Becky /for two weeks .
I called her a few days ago to see what she was upto mainly to see if she was home sick ,she was not she was playing with Maddy and Katie and Creio haven girl time fun.can't wait to hear all about it when she gets home.
Grandma is missing her Vicky.

When she gets home after a week or two we will go out to the lake and do some camping she loves to camp and hike. And go fishing.

The point to this article is enjoy them while they are young when they have time for the grand parents before they grow up and start to have a life of their own imprint your legacy make a difference in their youth.
Do not let the impressionable years pass you by.

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