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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to pull the engine with video

Well it is Monday, my day off for the week. I bought an old chevy pickup that a friend ran into aa bridge. Time to pull the motor and transmission. Well I am just about ready to pull when Denise and Louise ,bring the grand kids over. Well what better way to spend an afternoon pulling a motor, and chasing the wrenches you need from the little hands of children with curious minds. They want to help. I try to teach them the most important part of any job is to not get hurt. We get the motor out and into the back of the Dakota, we are on our way to the carwash. Not so fast the kids want to ride the scooter. So grandma gets the chopper out. The kids don’t like the helmet, but it is a must if they want to ride. Except pearl she wants to keep it. Everyone rides with happiness in their hearts at the joy of riding in the wind. It is so much fun. Here comes denise and louise , time for the kiddies to go home. Well the motor and Dakota both get a bath, and its back to the garage for storage until we find a toy to put it in. me and grandma have had a good day . So it is time to end the story for today. Goodnight from your ole friend the hillbilly

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  1. that was funny as hell and cuter then shit lol ha ha ha


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