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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is Your Legacy?

An impactful contribution to your kids and grandkids that will benefit them their entire lives. Enrich your life as a result with the knowledge that your love, talent, and wisdom are benefiting future generations of your family. Life is incredibly short! Begin your journey with me today to help you answer the question What is Your Legacy?
For a great many people, a day WILL come down the road...when reflection on a lifetime of memories is wrapped with a hint of regret. Of opportunities lost. Years and hazy memories that run together. And, relationships that never quite peaked.
Take just a few moments in your mind...and see yourself many years from now. You are relaxing in your favorite place, but your mind is obviously elsewhere. Deep in thought. Zoom in and look closely into your own eyes. Even closer. Imagine you see 3 regrets.
What would they be?
Quickly now, magically transport yourself back in time from that day...escaping the regrets in your self-reflection. Back in time to this very moment.
Imagine the possibilities of a second chance! But this time with a powerful secret.
Are you prepared to use the secret?
The answers are all around you. Yet, most of us simply do not SEE them. The answers speak to you, though most of us do not HEAR them.
wake yourself to life's secrets. Recast your life the way it was intended, and gain the incredible opportunity of a second chance. Forever erase your fear of future regrets right now!
Now, re-imagine that future day. Your eyes are smiling this time upon a reflection full of rich and vivid memories. Cherished relationships and events that put an exclamation point on each and every one of your years. Reminiscing your prolific list of achievements. Imagine the family pride and love from your children and grandchildren.
Your life has left them a blueprint for success, deeply imprinted on their souls. You have passed on the secrets.
A Grand Father's Day is just around the corner.
You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
--Irish Saying
And it's terribly valuable to your children and grandchildren. Sure, the parents might not "get you" at times or they are too stubborn to change. But, your influence remains, sure and steady nonetheless. To your grandkids, pop-pop is king. The man who can fix anything. The man who has stories of real adventures galore. The man who is adored without question.
At the very moment in life when we not only have more time and resources, along with the perspective from dozens of life lessons...we get grandkids. And, that's not by mistake. Are you using your time and perspective to leave a legacy?
The Grandchild Adventure: Maybe instead of time alone, pop-pop is really longing for more time with the grandkids. What type of adventure would he be imagining? A camping trip. Perhaps taking the kids fishing, or to the beach. Perhaps that family vacation you never have time to plan (or agree on!). Travelling makes for great grandchild - grandparent memories, so take action when you can...don't let great opportunities like those pass right on by. If the grandkids are too young or the plans too extravagant for a practice run for when they get older. Setup that camping tent in the backyard. Make sure pop-pop has the camping essentials...firewood and smores ingredients are really all you need for backyard survival.
Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet.

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